Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Katherine FairclothKatherine Faircloth
Taking control
Marcus was very good from start to finish. He was very patient and always tried to find the best technique to help, rather than sticking with just one. I was also given the opportunity to take control of my own learning, which I really enjoyed about the lessons. Thank you Marcus!

Skyler Mcleod
Passed my test first time
My instructor was very helpful in the fact that he orientated lessons around what I needed to practice the most. He gave good constructive criticism to help me improve my driving ability, coaching rather than telling, in order for me to pass my test first time, with only 2 minors.

Shaun DoyleShaun Doyle
Amazing Teacher
I had taken a couple of lessons with Marcus a few months earlier but had taken a break from lessons. Once deciding to go back to driving lessons i was determined to go with Marcus again. Hes been an amazing teacher giving great explanation to any faults, while still providing a calm atmosphere, even in difficult situations. He was able to provide all this in a fantastic manner in order to make the most of our lessons. He even used Cameras from his car to show how i could have effected others i may not have even noticed at the time, really showing the importance of certain checks while driving. He's very patient and had a great sense of humour, making our lessons a joy! I was the type to speed from situation to situation, but Marcus reeled me in and showed me a much more progressive style of driving, helping me to keep calm, and still keep up with the other traffic. i didn't believe him at first but it really worked and way better than i ever expected. It even impressed the Driving Examiner, leading him to compliment Marcus on his teaching style. I would recommend Marcus to Everyone and Anyone, BEST TEACHER I EVER HAD.

Charles GatehouseCharles Gatehouse
First time pass course?
I had originally taken a handful of lessons with a different company some years before when i booked the midway pass course. Whereas my original instructor was very stern and particular in specific areas, Marcus could see i had some road confidence as i have ridden a motorcycle previously and was happy to help develop what i had learned as opposed to resetting the good habits. My lessons didn't feel like lessons, they were calm, light-heart and felt more like driving with a friend or family member giving good advice and tips. Very informative and surprise good fun.

Morgan Watson
Positive Feedback
I had originally been with another instructor so knew the basic control skills, but had changed to Marcus. This was great because the lessons were well planned and managed, which led me to pass very quickly. Plenty of positive feedback to help me learn the new techniques. Would recommend every time!

Caius JosephCaius Joseph
Amazing Choice
I liked how Marcus was very helpful and gave me lots of choice during my lessons. I would highly recommend him.

Carl StroudCarl Stroud
'Highly Recommend' Passed 1st time with Marcus
I would Highly Recommend Marcus as your driving instructor. Marcus is always punctual and was never late to any of my lessons. He has a lot of knowledge about driving and was able to put it to me in an easy way to understand. I have used other instructors in the past but none gave their undivided attention as much as Marcus. I passed first time with very few minors and was confident enough to get straight on the road. Thanks Marcus, I have recommended you too all my family and friends.